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Free Portrait Competition – July ’17

It’s competition time! This is your chance to win a free A4 pet portrait and have a bit of fun while doing so. I have set a series of 5 puzzles. Each will result in a word and those 5… Continue reading →

Dog Toys & My Best Purchase to Date

Dog toys! Perhaps an under-discussed topic? My boy Sherlock is a border collie and he is two and a half years old. He’s generally well behaved, doesn’t chew up the house like when he was little. Steals the odd sock… Continue reading →

The Mediums I Use and Why

Now I have worked in a number of different mediums and still do to an extent. Watercolours I haven’t used in many years, charcoal I use for nearly all my sketching and oils are actually my favourite to work in… Continue reading →

Overlooked Stationery Essentials

Think of art supplies and what comes to mind? Typically it’ll be tubes of paint, canvas or fancy paper, brushes, pastels or expensive coloured pencils. True, it is these that will eat the lions share of your budget. There are… Continue reading →

Materials I use with Pastel Pencils

A few people have asked about the materials I use when painting. For colour portraits it’s a combination of pastel sticks and pastel pencils. The exact ones vary depending on the colours I need and type or size of the… Continue reading →

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